eLearning Dropout Rates and what to do About Them

It seems like everyone’s taking an e-course these days. But according to recent studies, only a tiny fraction of them are actually finishing their courses. These eLearning dropout rates illustrate some hard truths about training.

eLearning Dropout Rates

eLearning Dropout Rates

The attrition rates for e-courses are like nothing we’ve ever seen in classroom learning. A study by Warwick University, in the UK, found MOOC completion rates as low as 7% and never higher than 59%. By comparison, New York City’s public schools have a completion rate of 70%*. A similar study conducted by ResearchGate found a 6% completion rate across eLearning platforms. That’s a 94% dropout rate.

Experts have weighed in on the reasons for these numbers, citing everything from busy students to poor content and even browser compatibility issues. The good news is, we can remedy many of these problems, and the statistics show marked improvement in completion rates when trainers implement new strategies.

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How Training is Like Boot Camp (and How it Isn’t)

When it comes to training, there’s nothing more intense than boot camp. Since the days of ancient Sparta, almost every society on earth has used brutal initiation to turn average citizens into warriors.One look at history, and it’s pretty hard to ignore the results.

The civilian world has used military training as a model for fitness programs, fraternity initiation, and reality TV. Anthropologists have linked this fascination to a lack of rites of passage in modern society.

But what can we, as training professionals, take away from boot camp? Let’s see.

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Training Lessons from the Developing World

What can we learn from schools in the developing world? You’re probably used to seeing this question the other way around. That’s because we rarely look at people we perceive as less fortunate and ask, what are they doing right?

training lessons

But a closer look at a classroom without technology, or even furniture, demonstrates the essence of what teaching is all about. Examining how teachers can get by without technology can improve and simplify our own relationship with high tech teaching tools. So pull up a seat on the floor and have a look.


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L’Oreal Beautifies Marketing Training

The world’s largest manufacturer of cosmetics is getting a training makeover. A new platform at L’Oréal has positioned the company as a training trendsetter by putting sophisticated learning tools in the hands of their marketing team.


The GMAT for Marketers

Essentials of Digital Marketing–developed in collaboration with the learning specialists General Assembly–is an assessment based program. Students use the result of a comprehensive evaluation to choose from over seventy modules according to their individual needs and interests. L’Oréal hopes to up-skill the entire marketing department and introduce technical innovations company-wide.


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