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Now Page on Now Now Now

My now page is now featured on Derrick Sivers’ NowNowNow  with a fun little interview. Check it out now.

More on my decision to replace the ‘about me’ with a now page. 


Why I’m Ditching the ‘About Me’ & Author Bio

As a rule, author bios and ‘about me’ sections are just horrible. They tend to read like a cringe cocktail of humble-bragging and answers to the worst pickup-lines.

You want to be your quirky self without putting anyone off. You’re a writer who puts down reading as a hobby. You end with some pseudo edgy detail like your addiction to sushi or cold brew coffee. If you’ve been to Tokyo, you’re going to want to share that.

I’m part of the problem. In one ‘about me’ I talked about an old hat I’d been wearing as a security blanket. In another I referred to the Korean city I was living in as my “current basecamp.” I made a point of listing my every publication until I had a hefty paragraph of credits.

No more.

I’m replacing my ‘about’ page with a ‘now’ page. I got the idea from Derek Sivers. He made his because he was sick of answering the question ‘what are you working on?’ He soon found the now page helped him with his work. He writes, “It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities. (sic.)  Sivers keeps a list of fellow now pagers at He still has an ‘about me,’ of sorts, on his homepage, but Sivers is so many things at once, I’d say he’s earned one.

You’ll find my now page directly to the right of this post, or on the home page if you’re reading on your phone. Shoot me an email if you really want to know what my middle name is or my go-to karaoke song.

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