8 Reasons You’ll Love Living in the DC Navy Yard Area – AM Digital

Work-life balance is a challenge for Washingtonians. The city has so much to offer, yet it’s easy to miss out between work, commuting, and mandatory work-related fun. But the balance is out there, and many are finding it in the Navy Yard area.

Young, vibrant, growing, and ideally situated, the Navy Yard is an exciting place to come home to. Here are 8 things to love about it.

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A Guide to Kayak Camping — DD Hammocks

My first kayak camping trip was a disaster – a brilliant disaster that got me hooked on the sport for life. Three of us (kids at the time) set out on a bay in the southwest of Ireland, to see how far we could go. Our gear was loaded in bin bags; our pillows took up half the storage space. For food we packed crisps and biscuits. This was ‘backyard camping goes to sea’.

We soon found out that bin bags are not waterproof and our overnight was, in a word, soggy. But the sunrise was incredible, and so was the feeling of having the entire bay to ourselves at dawn.

In the years since, I’ve done most of my exploring in a kayak; I’ve invested in a few dry bags, and gained some knowledge that keeps me dry, safe, and happy. Here are a few tips for planning your own kayaking expedition.

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L’Oreal Beautifies Marketing Training

The world’s largest manufacturer of cosmetics is getting a training makeover. A new platform at L’Oréal has positioned the company as a training trendsetter by putting sophisticated learning tools in the hands of their marketing team.


The GMAT for Marketers

Essentials of Digital Marketing–developed in collaboration with the learning specialists General Assembly–is an assessment based program. Students use the result of a comprehensive evaluation to choose from over seventy modules according to their individual needs and interests. L’Oréal hopes to up-skill the entire marketing department and introduce technical innovations company-wide.


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Cringe-Worthy Training in TV and Movies

Awkwardness and teaching don’t mix, except on screen. When we’re not the ones who have to sit through a cringe-worthy training seminar, when the dull professor is a work of fiction, bad teaching makes for great entertainment.

Seeing training done wrong in TV and movies is a great place to learn what not to do in real life. Here are some cringe-tastic don’ts from the worst teachers in show business.

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