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How to Make a Movie When You’re Broke

Threesomething is a story of friendship, loneliness, and a botched threesome. It aims to explore the awkwardness at the heart of so many male friendships and expose the kind of feelings we’re not supposed to talk about, much less make movies about.

The film is the product of a creative partnership and best-friendship between James Morosini and Sam Sonenshine and co-stars Isabelle Chester. They made the film on a micro budget with limited equipment. Rather than limiting them, this scrappy, stripped-down approach put the emphasis on story telling and raw emotional honesty.

I sat down with James and Sam to ask them how they did it and how anyone with a phone can too.


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How to Get Fit When You’re Broke (or in Prison)

Summer’s just around the corner. If you live somewhere other than foggy, body-positive San Francisco, that means beach weather and the pressure to do something about your muffin-top or chicken-legs or man-boobs. If fitness isn’t already a part of your life, you might think a gym is the only place to find it.

But the truth is, you don’t need state-of-the-art equipment and a smoothie bar and trainers who look more like Apple Store Geniuses–COUGH COUGH Equinox–to get in shape. Your own body is the best piece of workout equipment there is. From Sparta to San Quentin, some of the toughest badasses in history have gotten in shape using primitive bodyweight exercises.

Here are a few free (or really cheap) alternatives to the gym to get fit in time for summer.

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Book Reviews by Readers Range from Clueless to Insane

Gustav Flaubert said ‘I try to live in an ivory tower, but a tide of shit is constantly beating at its walls.’  He could have been talking about Goodreads. The shelves are your own personalized ivory tower, while the reviews are the tide of shit.

Just the thought of rating books kept me off Goodreads for years. I was too cool to mix social media and reading. No wifi in my tower. When I finally got on, I told myself it was just a reading list and ignored the reviews.

One day I decided to look down and see what the rabble had to say. I started reading the reviews. What I found was hilarious.    

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Why Daytime TV is Incredible

It’s 1:30PM, what are you watching?

Assuming you’re free in the middle of the day and you don’t use that time to read or job-hunt or learn a new skill, you are probably not watching daytime TV. According to the ratings, the days of the twenty-something unemployed daytime TV viewer are pretty much over. It’s a shame because there’s still so much good trash on between the hours of 10:00AM and 4:30PM (the hours officially designated ‘daytime’ by the networks) and most of it can’t be seen any other time–you never hear about paternity tests or out of control teens during primetime. They never break out the lie detector on morning shows.


So save the Netflix for when you’re gainfully employed and can afford a subscription, put the job hunt on hold, dog-ear your place in The Brother’s Karamazov, and tune in with me.

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REVIEW: Terminate Flies with the Bug-a-Salt

I was in Alabama hanging out with some locals, where else but on a porch. The breeze stopped blowing and a cloud of flies descended on us.

Wayne, the old man whose porch we were sitting on turned to his friend:

‘Get the gun,’ he said, with a dribble of dip-spit into a Styrofoam cup for emphasis.


This being Alabama I assumed we were talking about an actual gun. I braced myself.

He came back from the truck with a bright yellow super-soaker looking thing, cocked it like a pump-action shotgun, and handed it to Wayne. The old man took aim at a big one on the windowsill, rubbing a hairy front leg on its eyeball. He switched the safety off and dispatched the fly to its maker in a burst of salt. He shot another one off the arm of his chair then returned to his spitting cup.

‘I play with this thing all the time,’ he said, ‘Why don’t you try.’ Wayne handed me the weapon. ‘Be sure to switch the safety off, that’s the only drawback, the safety.’

I gave it a pump and the massacre began.

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Treating Depression on the Cheap

Depression is expensive. You eat junk food and order delivery because cooking and cleaning up sounds like slow torture. Your productivity falls off or you lose your job entirely. You miss obligations–everything feels like an obligation. You’re haunted by your elusive potential and the feeling that you’re letting everyone down.


Getting better isn’t cheap either. In terms of treatment, ‘new’ and ‘effective’ and ‘mild side-effects’ all translate to pricey and maybe not covered by insurance. Something worse than being depressed is being depressed with medical bills to pay.

But there is hope. Depression used to call for shock treatments, then it was Prozac™, now scientists are saying that some of the most effective treatments cost nothing and come without side-effects. Here are a few that might work for you.

A quick disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I don’t play one on the internet. If you’re struggling with depression, talk to your doctor, talk to someone. And, for fuck’s sake, if you’re thinking about harming yourself, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255.

It gets better. Always.

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Adventures of Justin, the Most Interesting Man on Instagram

I’m on the phone with Justin Alexander. He’s calling from the roof of a Mexican restaurant where he’s bivouacking (sleeping under the stars) somewhere in the American Southwest. He explains that rooftops are ideal for urban camping. They provide safety and concealment and tend to pick up free wifi–tonight he’s getting his from the chain hotel next door.

This rooftop is as much Justin’s home as anywhere. He prefers ‘home free’ to ‘homeless.’ He’s not mentally ill or a junky, but rather clean cut and Facebook friends with his mom. Justin is a nomad, adventurer, survivalist, and self described ‘modern day ninja.’ He gets my vote for the most interesting person on Instagram.

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Breakup Therapy: 15 Backhanded Love Songs

The best love songs are about mixed emotions because the best loves mix you up. Contrary to healthy relationship wisdom, the person we can never forget tends to be the one who has us pulling our hair out. People don’t write songs about emotionally available non-jealous types. Here are a few backhanded love songs for when your voodoo dolls and bop bags need a break.

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INTERVIEW: Kimberley Chambers Swims from Farallons to SF

When Kimberly Chambers set out to attempt her epic swim, her crew received some ominous news: a freshly decapitated seal carcass had been spotted out at the Farallons, near her starting point. This confirmed what she and her support crew already knew: she would be sharing the water with great white sharks.

At 11:10pm that night (August 7th,) she stepped over the side of her support boat and settled into a front crawl stroke. Her destination was the Golden Gate Bridge, thirty miles away. She stared down into the black Pacific, through her goggles, and reminded herself that sharks don’t feed at night.
Seventeen hours and twelve minutes later, she emerged from the Bay immortal.
To put her achievement into perspective:Kimberley--Chambers--swims--farallons--to--golden--gate--bridge
4,000 men and women have summited Mt. Everest.
1,979 have swum the English Channel.
12 men have walked on the moon.
Only 5 people have swum from the Farallons to San Francisco. Kimberley is the first woman. There’s only one Kimberly Chambers.

After taking some time to process her accomplishment, Kim told me her story.

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7 Bay Area Adventures on a Budget

Remember that ad for herpes medication with the woman in a canoe announcing ‘I have genital herpes’ on a mountain lake? Or this CITI Bank ad where professional climbers put their gear on a credit card? We’re supposed to believe that these are the faces of adventure: good looking white people (some of whom may have herpes) with plenty of free time and disposable income. The image of the ‘outdoorsy type’ is a powerful one. It helps sell all kinds of shit, and it lulls many of us into a sedentary life where we watch outdoorsy types have adventures on our screens.

It’s a shame, because the outdoors is free and the gear to explore it can be cheaper than you think. You don’t even have to go into the wilderness, another myth of the ‘outdoorsy type.’

From Oakland to Big Sur, San Francisco is one of the greatest launching off points in the world for urban and natural exploration. Here are a few cheap ways to explore the bay on land and sea.

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