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Hemingway Collection at the JFK Library

Ernest Hemingway didn’t travel light. His baggage included a modern art collection, books, drinking accessories, an impressive gun collection, and the heads and pelts of his hunting kills. Always on the move, he schlepped it all through three wars, four marriages, two plane crashes, and many homes. His writing style itself left a tremendous paper-trail as everything he wrote went through dozens of drafts. The last page of A Farewell to Arms was rewritten 49 times. Fortunately for future generations, Hemingway never threw anything away.

“Courage is grace under pressure.” President Kennedy used Hemingway’s definition of courage as the epigraph to his own book Profiles in Courage.

The final home for much of Hemingway’s stuff and 90% of his papers is the JFK Presidential Library in Boston Massachusetts. Some of the collection is on display (at least until December 31st, 2016) in an exhibit, Hemingway Between Two Wars, while the rest is in the Hemingway Collection, a wing of the Library archives.

Last month, I was lucky enough to visit both.

 Check out my visit to the JFK Library’s Hemingway Collection on Medium. 

A Guide to Kayak Camping — DD Hammocks

My first kayak camping trip was a disaster – a brilliant disaster that got me hooked on the sport for life. Three of us (kids at the time) set out on a bay in the southwest of Ireland, to see how far we could go. Our gear was loaded in bin bags; our pillows took up half the storage space. For food we packed crisps and biscuits. This was ‘backyard camping goes to sea’.

We soon found out that bin bags are not waterproof and our overnight was, in a word, soggy. But the sunrise was incredible, and so was the feeling of having the entire bay to ourselves at dawn.

In the years since, I’ve done most of my exploring in a kayak; I’ve invested in a few dry bags, and gained some knowledge that keeps me dry, safe, and happy. Here are a few tips for planning your own kayaking expedition.

Continued at DD Hammocks Adventure Blog.



November Swimming — Cape Cod, MA

It’s a special feeling to see yourself doing the thing that makes you the happiest. I had never seen myself swim until Saeah Lee  came along to test out a new 400mm lens on a chilly dip in the North Atlantic this November. The swim was a short one, just under 1k (against the current,) to acclimate for longer swims in colder water.
Saeah was also acting as team medic and lifeguard for the swim. She met me at the dock/ finish line and asked me a series of simple questions to check for mental confusion, one of the first signs of hypothermia:
What’s your mobile phone number?
What’s 8 x 4?
What’s your girlfriend’s name?
I have a feeling she’d have pushed me back in if I’d have gotten that one wrong.



Chatham, MA, USA



Gear Review: WaterFi Waterproof iPod

Waterfi is the solution for anyone who gets bored swimming. Read my review at Action Life Magazine.



San Diego Bodysurfing Guide

Whether you’re trying to make the most of summer blackball rules, or you just look good walking backwards in fins and a speedo: here are the best spots to get womped in San Diego County, from South to North.

Read more at Action Life Magazine


That’s me in the barell

6 Epic True Adventure Movies — And Vertical Limit

As you probably know, REI will be closing for Black Friday this year. They want customers and their own employees to get outdoors rather than spend the day shopping. Inspired by #optoutside, the state of California will waive all park admission fees on Friday. Good news if you’d rather camp in the woods than outside of Best Buy.

But what if you can’t get away from your family and holiday obligations? What if you’d rather #optinside and maintain the Thanksgiving tradition of binge viewing and movie marathons while you digest? Action Life has got you covered with the six greatest adventure movies based on true stories. These primal dramas of man vs. nature could inspire you to get off the couch and #optoutside with the good people of REI. Or you might just relate since being home feels like wilderness survival.

Check out my top 6 adventure movies based on true stories over at Action Life Magazine. I also make the case for Vertical Limit.



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