VIDEO: The Making of Make Peace or Die

I couldn’t watch this with dry eyes…

While I was home for the book launch, dad and I sat down for a short video interview discussing the project and what it was like writing a book together.

Veteran Gets Emotional After Writing Book with His Son

Meet Charles Daly, the 93-year-old veteran who wrote a book with his son, Charlie. In this short film by Persistent Productions and Charlie Hoehn, see how th…

Special Thanks to Scribe Media, Persistent Productions, Charlie Hoehn, Adam Hacker,  Meghan Shea, and Mike Rogers.

Chuck Daly and his son charlie raise the American and Marine Corps flags
Photo by Adam S. Hacker

Make Peace or Die: A life of Service, Leadership, and Nightmares is available through Amazon and Indiebound, or you can ask your local bookstore to order it. 

An early draft was featured on Jocko Podcast episode 196