Veterans’ Week Cape Cod Community College – What Can I do for my Country Now?

On Veterans’ day, 2020, dad and I sat down with Josh Maloney, Iraq War veteran and  President of the Student Veterans of America chapter at Cape Cod Community College.

4Cs Celebrates Veteran’s Week with Charles U Daly

Joshua Maloney Cape Cod Community College Veteran Club President speaks with Charles U. Daly. Mr. Daly, now 93 years of age, discusses his service in the mar…

Josh and my dad compared notes on the student veteran’s experience and the G.I. Bill. They talked about the challenges of coming home from deployment and the importance of self-advocacy.

Josh and I talked about how families can support loved-ones with PTSD and what it’s like having a Marine combat veteran for a father. It could be the reason I’m a morning person…

Our discussion was part of series for Veterans’ Week at 4Cs that included an interview with a Vietnam Vet about mental illness and coming home, an interview with an expert in treating sexual assault survivors in the military, and panels about VA education benefits and other veteran’s services.

Thank you, Josh, for everything you do to support student veterans and the veterans’ community on Cape Cod.

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An early draft was featured on Jocko Podcast episode 196