“You can be cautious or you can be creative. But there’s no such thing as a cautious creative.”

–George Lois.


What I’m Reading

Charlotte’s Webb by EB White — The tearjerker classic by the author of the Elements of StyleThis is such a good read if you feel like getting back to the basics of storytelling.

The Carter of La Providence (Maigret #4) By Georges SimenonThere would be no point in trying to summarize each one of these detective novels. If you know, you know. I plan to write something about the experience of reading the series. I might take some time to read one every day, or maybe do a Simenon Sunday every week.

“Every Day a Saturday (Or, the Life You Want)” Ryan Holiday reflects on how one can “buy” a life with less stress and more meaningful work by saying “no” to stress-inducing opportunities.

What I’m Listening to

Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business by Paul Jarvis —  Listening to the audiobook of the latest by Paul Jarvis, co-founder of Creative Class. Advice on how to stay small and use smallness to your advantage as a one-person business.

Chapo: Kingpin on Trial — Vice’s podcast on El Chapo. It’s also available in Spanish.

What I’m Watching

Photography tutorials by PiXimperfect who one photographer friend describes as the “Indian Bob Ross of Photography.”

What I’m Writing 

Two more weeks of Creative Live’s “28 to Make

“Day Off”




“Photo Doodle”

“Exquisite Corpse”

“People Watching”

“Day Off Week 2”


“Blackout Poetry”



“Notes in the Wild”

“People Watching 3”