“I’m a bit like a sponge. When I’m not writing I absorb life like water. When I write I squeeze the sponge a little – and out comes, not water but ink.”

–Georges Simenon


What I’m Reading

The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien by Georges Simenon — The 3rd novel in his Jules Maigret series. (AKA, literature’s second most famous pipe-smoking detective.)

“How Hitler Nearly Destroyed the Great American Novel” — In bizarre intellectual property battle, an American publisher ended up defending Hitler in court while one of our country’s greatest novelists got caught in the legal fray.

“How Chuck Palahniuk Became a Darling of the Alt-Right and Antifa” — A sober discussion about the rise of extremism and the potential for redemption.

How Georges Simenon Wrote Nearly 200 Books — The writing tactics and career strategies used by the ultra-prolific Belgian author who would write a novel in 10 or 11 days. (He wrote over 400 books in his lifetime, but the article seems to get everything else right.)

The Mystery Man — An interview with Georges Simenon accompanied by a short story from the April, 1962 issue of Réalités.


What I’m Listening to

Let’s Talk About it With Chris P.My friend Chris has a new podcast, collecting stories from the interesting people he’s met in his journey through life including a former UFC fighter, and an expert on whales.

What I’m writing

“A World Without ‘No'” — I turned a recent rejection into a thought-for-the-day type post on Medium


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