“Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes,’ otherwise, you’ll lead a very dull life.”

― Ian Fleming


Happy New Year. The theme for this week is adventure. I’ve been lucky enough to spend 10 of the first 18 days of 2019 on the road in Ireland and the American south.  On my wander, I’ve been reading up on adventurers past and present, including a mildly racist 1960 travel guide, relationship advice from a war photographer,  and a weekend trip up the highest mountain in Mexico.


What I’m Reading

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts — I come back to this book again and again as I plan adventures and extended trips abroad. Put this at the top of your list if you’re interested in longterm travel (i.e., Teaching abroad, working remotely, or saving a bunch of money and fucking off on a world tour. ) Potts shows you how to make “vagabonding” a reality, how to avoid common pitfalls, in both mindset and logistics, and gives examples of how others have done it. He also includes information on how to see the world with a family or if you’re elderly or have special needs. This is the book I want to give to everyone who’s ever said “must be nice…” or “I wish I had the (time/ money/ courage) to do that…” when I tell them that I’m traveling pretty much full time.

Thrilling Cities by Ian Fleming — A Mad Men era bachelor’s guide to the great cities of the world by the creator of James Bond. These essays were originally published–in an edited form–in the Saturday Evening Post. That they’re so politically incorrect by today’s standards makes them that much more charming. The prose is outstanding, and the content ranges from “shit my grandpa says” to wildly offensive, but it’s never boring.

The Story of the First Sherpa to Climb to the Top of Mt. Everest — From the June 5th, 1954 issue of the New Yorker, a feature on Tenzing Norgay, the Nepalese sherpa who shared the first ascent of Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary.

Sir Don McCullin: What I’ve Learned — War photographer Don McCullin shares his life lessons with Esquire UK ahead of a retrospective of his work at Tate Britain.


What I’m Watching

55 Hours in Mexico — This 9-minute Vimeo documentary proves that you don’t need to wait for a vacation to go on an adventure. The film follows a group of skiers from Colorado who take a weekend trip to Mexico where they climb the country’s highest mountain and ski down it and are home in time for work on Monday.

What I’m Doing

Taking pictures. I shot a bunch of 35mm film in Ireland on a cheap little Minolta point & shoot, mostly portraits of my friends.


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