I Wrote 52 Posts in 2017, here are my Favorites


I was all over the place this year, literally and figuratively, usually in a good way. I lived in Spain for a while, spent my first fall in New England since before college, and took a few extended trips to Montréal. I started two longer projects (one fiction, one non) and got my first byline in a major newspaper.


In total, I wrote 52 blog posts and articles this year, an average of one a week. Here are the highlights:


I wrote about Las Fallas, the fiesta that sounds like a war zone and Monomoy, Cape Cod’s desert island for the Boston Globe Travel section.


My most read, most emailed, and most popular post on Facebook was one I wrote about visiting the Marine Corps museum with my dad.


The one that got the most reTweets was a blurb about a meteorology lecture on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I remember writing this on a morning I didn’t feel like writing. It was my idea of a compromise, and I never expected much of a reaction. You never know.


Another hit on Twitter, and one of my all-time favorite interviews, was my conversation with noir novelist Sarah M. Chen. We talked hardboiled fiction, irredeemable sleazebags, and Redondo Beach’s pulp legacy.


Montréal was good to me. It’s where I started blogging regularly after a bit of a dry spell. I covered an art exhibit inspired by Leonard Cohen, and I wrote about the city’s “potluck culture” for Roam Magazine.


I reviewed some fountain pens.


I also posted some flash fiction. My favorites are “Midnight Cereal,” “‘Rubbers’ are ‘Erasers,'” and “Enter Contempt.”


See you in 2018

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