Friday Roundup, 600 days to go

“I’m a writer but then nobody’s perfect.” 

Billy Wilder

Deep in first draft land on two longer projects, which means I haven’t gotten up to much this week besides writing. I’m trying to figure out the best way to balance blogging and my long-form stuff. I’ve thought about setting aside one full day to blog every week–just write a week’s worth of posts in one day–but It’s probably better to do a little bit of each every day.

I need a life coach.

What I’m reading

Undergrounda novel by my brother Michael Daly


A Q&A with photographer Elizabeth M. Claffey in Strange Fire


The 1,000 Day Rule: basically, when you quit your day job, you can expect to be poor for your first 1,000 days of following your bliss/ building your own business. The message is hopeful for those willing to put in the hours (writing more on this soon.)


400 things Cops Know: Street Smart Lessons from a Veteran Patrolman — Adam Plantinga. A must for anyone interested in writing crime fiction.


What I’m listening to

In the Light” by Led Zeppelin. I found this one in the last episode of MindhunterWatch it, if you haven’t yet.


Mark Manson’s talks on blogging and writing. Well worth signing up for. He has a very non-traditional background for a writer, so his advice isn’t a bunch of shit you’ve heard before.


What I’m Doing

Writing by hand, as always


Sending postcards to my newest subscribers. Click here to subscribe, and I’ll send you a postcard. 


Starting to share behind the scenes stuff from ghostwriting my dad’s memoir.


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