5 Stellar Amenities Your Navy Yard Apartment Can’t be Without

If you’ve ever had a chance to visit D.C.’s Navy Yard, you already know there’s more than a lot to like. You’ve got an abundance of fun things to do, and great places to eat and drink in every direction. Not to mention, multiple restaurants that offer bottomless brunch in walking distance of your door (yes, multiple).

It’s true, life with a rooftop grill overlooking the D.C. skyline, or a warm fireplace greeting you in the lobby when you get home from work, just never gets old. Add one of D.C.’s most popular neighborhoods to the list and you’ll never have a reason to be anywhere else.

But, it’s more than what’s around you that’s important. We’re not saying you won’t love living in one of the best D.C. neighborhoods for eating and drinking (because you surely will). But, enjoying the best of what D.C. has to offer should include an amazing experience at home, too. Which is exactly why we’ve taken the time to ensure that living at Insignia on M is no exception.

So, without further ado, here are five stellar amenities your navy yard apartment can’t be without (and you’ll be glad we have).

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