Friday Roundup with a Bullet (Journal)

“Ninety years on, it can be hard for readers to comprehend the revelatory shock The Sun Also Rises delivered to its original audience.”

— Michael Bourne, The Millions


  • Bullet Journal is the last word in analog to do lists. This simple, intuitive system takes about five minutes to learn. Your smartphone will be rendered obsolete. (Thank you Saeah.)


  • The Millions has a reminder of just how much Hemingway mattered to the democratization of literature. They do a great job of avoiding those common Hemingway traps like  man-hating,  snarling machismo, or glorification of alcoholic despair.


  • Brutalist web design: you’ve seen it, but you may have just thought you were looking at shoddy coding.


  • Outside reviews a pack with a carbon frame that allows you to comfortably carry 150 lbs. You can have any color you like as long as it’s camo.