When Kimberly Chambers set out to attempt her epic swim, her crew received some ominous news: a freshly decapitated seal carcass had been spotted out at the Farallons, near her starting point. This confirmed what she and her support crew already knew: she would be sharing the water with great white sharks.

At 11:10pm that night (August 7th,) she stepped over the side of her support boat and settled into a front crawl stroke. Her destination was the Golden Gate Bridge, thirty miles away. She stared down into the black Pacific, through her goggles, and reminded herself that sharks don’t feed at night.
Seventeen hours and twelve minutes later, she emerged from the Bay immortal.
To put her achievement into perspective:Kimberley--Chambers--swims--farallons--to--golden--gate--bridge
4,000 men and women have summited Mt. Everest.
1,979 have swum the English Channel.
12 men have walked on the moon.
Only 5 people have swum from the Farallons to San Francisco. Kimberley is the first woman. There’s only one Kimberly Chambers.

After taking some time to process her accomplishment, Kim told me her story.

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