Remember that ad for herpes medication with the woman in a canoe announcing ‘I have genital herpes’ on a mountain lake? Or this CITI Bank ad where professional climbers put their gear on a credit card? We’re supposed to believe that these are the faces of adventure: good looking white people (some of whom may have herpes) with plenty of free time and disposable income. The image of the ‘outdoorsy type’ is a powerful one. It helps sell all kinds of shit, and it lulls many of us into a sedentary life where we watch outdoorsy types have adventures on our screens.

It’s a shame, because the outdoors is free and the gear to explore it can be cheaper than you think. You don’t even have to go into the wilderness, another myth of the ‘outdoorsy type.’

From Oakland to Big Sur, San Francisco is one of the greatest launching off points in the world for urban and natural exploration. Here are a few cheap ways to explore the bay on land and sea.

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