Matisse’s Ulysses Sketches

Happy Bloomsday. To celebrate ‘the world’s foremost holiday of talking about books you haven’t read,‘ Brain Pickings has shared Herni Matisse’s sketches from his 1935 collaboration with James Joyce. Brain Pickings author, Maria Papova is the proud owner of one of the few leather bound editions of the illustrated Ulysses. Jealous. 


If you haven’t read it, or your one of those who says you have, maybe this is your year. Joyce’s readership is active online and there are more resources than ever to help you along the way:

James Joyce Quarterly is your Facebook hub (or ombligo) for all things Joyce. It’s blowing up at the moment.  

The best key to Ulysses is still The Bloomsday Book. The print edition is crazy expensive for some reason, the Kindle version is not. Either way it’s worth picking up, I know I couldn’t have made it to ‘yes’ without it. 

For one reader’s experience check out author Stephen Mcgrath’s post: Yes, I have. Yes. (a Postmortem on James Joyce’s Ulysses)

The National Library of Ireland has made Joyce’s papers available online.

Daly Prose guest, Jim Ruland covered Bloomsday celebrations in Dublin for the Believer in a piece titled ‘Dogsbody Does Dublin.’    

Vintage has put out Ulysses with a witty new cover that will make you want to be seen reading it more than ever. Anyone who’s read it will get the cover.


Apparently, Joyce is big in China these days, where the impregnable Finnegan’s Wake is a bestseller. In his lifetime, the author enjoyed a more modest readership in China. He once boasted of an order of ‘ten copies to Peking!’