Congratulations, Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland’s Forest of Fortune has been named 2015’s ‘Best Contemporary Fiction’ by the San Diego Book Awards. Ruland’s Giving the Finger, the story of Alaska crab fisherman Scott Campbell, Jr., tied for first in the memoir category. 

 Jim Ruland’s debut novel, Forest of Fortune is a new classic of California noir. It’s Raymond Chandler in the age of polyamory, Dashiell Hammett with a novelty coke straw up its nose, Inherent Vice after the yuppies stormed the beaches and nudged all the freaks east of the 405. The setting, a “possibly haunted” Indian casino is hysterical, the players are human and heartbreaking. No blurb could really do Forest justice, so let’s hear Jim read it. Here you have the infamous Korean Gangster threesome:

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