“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”

If procrastination has a poet laureate, it’s Steven Pressfield.  In learning to overcome a block so severe that he vowed to kill himself if he didn’t finish his novel, Pressfield became an authority on resistance and wrote about how others can overcome it in the War of Art, Turning Pro, the Warrior Ethos, and Do the Work. I would recommend all of these titles to anyone working on any kind of project, from writing to opening a restaurant. My own blog began as an exercise to overcome resistance in my own work, inspired by the War of Art. 

In his latest, Do the Work, Steven Pressfield compares a writers’ temptation to give up to the bell that hangs at the Navy SEALS’ BUDS school  (as a U.S Marine, whose books are required reading at Marine OCS, he’s allowed make that sort of comparison.)

“In SEAL training, they have a bell. When a candidate can’t take the agony any longer–the 6 mile ocean swims or the 15 mile full-load runs or the physical and mental ordeals on no sleep and no food… when he’s had enough and he’s ready to quit, he walks up and rings the bell. That’s it. It’s over. You and I (as creators) have a bell hanging over us too…Will we ring it?”



Pressfield writes about more than not writing, his fiction includes the Legend of Bagger Vance and Gates of Fire which earned him honorary citizenship in the city which was once Sparta.