Quentin Veron Meets the Orange Typewriter


Quentin  advises young artists to take risks. He would know, Veron launched his brand at the bottom of the recession. Though economic conditions were against him, Quetin had the cumulative wisdom of an eons old craft literally in his hands, with which he crafts each piece himself. This mysterious brand didn’t stay a mystery for long; his clients include: Joey Starr, Johnny Depp and Vanesssa Paradis. Quentin launches a new line with Paris’ Springsioux this summer.

S&D: QuentinWhat is it about fur?
Q.V: Fur is the most amazing material, it moves like it’s alive when you wear it… makes the woman feel beautiful and the man feel powerful.

S&D: What influences/ inspires you outside the world of fashion?
Q.V: The fashion world doesn’t inspire me at all. I get my inspiration from a lot of different sources, things I can see in my daily life in the streets, or feelings I can have. As well as the 19th century, the middle age, Tim Burton, death,…ect…but most of the time I get some ideas in my head that come from nowhere especially and I create my own world from that.

S&D: We’ve got to ask you that ‘Any advice for young artists?’ question…
Q.V: Work hard, take risks, work hard, be passionated about everything you do, work hard, be smart, take a look at yourself often and don’t hesitate to change if you feel you went the wrong way…but the most important is to work hard.. (Quentin Winks.)

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“The theme behind the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection of Quentin Veron opens the doors of an underground, secret and almost forbidden land where strange and timeless characters rub elbows. It is a place where androgynous guardians brush against barefoot dancers. It is a world where mysterious empresses reign and where we can hear the frightening echo of the Sabbats from the splendorous Notre Dame era. Once again, the Parisian designer Quentin Veron is at the origin of a universe whose only limits are those of the imagination. He takes you with him where the show is set, where life is always a theater.” —QuentinVeron.com

S&D: Why Paris?

Pete Doherty enjoying a cigarette
and keeping warm in a
top-hat and waistcoat by Q.V .

Q.V: Most beautiful city in the world….and the hardest one too! It’s a real challenge to make it happen here.

S&D: And Finally, if you could design one piece for one figure from the past what would that piece be and for whom?

Q.V: A huge black fur cape for Nosferatu (i know dracula is a myth but i like the idea!!)
If not, a beautiful piece like a lace dress with fur for the Marchesa Casati.

Find Quentin and his pelts at: http://www.quentinveron.com/
Interview by Charles Daly
Photos courtesy of Quentin Veron,
portraits by Marie Canciani.
Read the typewritten draft!


Next Week: Master Violinist and Berliner, Tai  Murray takes a seat at the orange typewriter.