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Friday Roundup,

“Submerged, the idle chatter of the monkey mind recedes. Each stroke, each lap is like a metronome, lulling me into a calm state of presence. When my swim is complete, I have an inescapable feeling of gratitude, with a light dusting of accomplishment.” –Rich Roll  Happy Friday, from Florida. It’s been grey here, so don’t… Read more »

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Friday Roundup, be here now

“You can’t ask for flowers– know what I mean– you either get’m or you don’t.”  –Liam Gallagher  Fall is (finally) here. This is what I’ve been up to for the first week in November:   What I’m reading:  The Killer Inside Me — Jim Thompson: A classic of neo-noir and American Crime with a forward by Stephen… Read more »

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Friday Roundup

“We must continually remind ourselves that there is a difference between what is natural and what is actually good for us. There is nothing more natural than being mauled and eaten by a bear.” —Sam Harris    I’m on Medium now. Follow me.   History’s great authors request nudes at the New Yorker.   Throwback… Read more »