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Morning Pages



3 pages is all you get… 

More about morning pages from Julia Cameron and Lifehacker.

Remain Seated

Here’s a simple one that works no matter how blocked you may find yourself. Just sit. 

Pick a time to write. Turn off all distractions, music is fine.

Set a timer, 45 minutes is good.

No matter what happens do not budge ’til time’s up.

Repeat, with 10 minute breaks every hour. 

You can sit writing or sit not writing. If inspiration doesn’t get you pushing the pen, boredom just might.

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Not ______ Enough?

Maybe you’ve told yourself “I’m not talented enough, not creative enough, not smart enough” or worse, “I didn’t go to the right school, I don’t have the right connections.” Well, if that’s true (it’s not) there’s nobody watching and there are no consequences, so do your thing anyway!  

Tough Love, Courtesy of Rob Weiss

Entourage creator Rob Weiss uses a cigar endorsement to dispense some tough love to blocked writers:

“Some men suffer from writer’s block. Question: why are grown men playing with blocks?”

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