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Writing Software for Grownups

From 12 Christmas Gifts for Writers at Broke-Ass Stuart. Microsoft Word is the Huffy bike from Wal-Mart of word processors–it’s a fine place to start, but you need to upgrade when you’re ready for long distance. For screenwriters and playwrights, the industry standard is the very expensive and very worth it Final Draft 9. FD9… Read more »

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15 Tips For Novella-ists

Writer and  ‘recovering newspaper journalist’ Maggie Down shares 15 tips for writers from novella author,  Panio Gianopoulos. Panio believes in writing 500 words, five times a week* and cautions writers not to talk about the first draft while writing. My favorite tip was number eight: If you’re worried that it’s boring, it probably is. Followed by Maggie’s… Read more »

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Shot Reverse Shot for Writers

If you watch one video online this week, make it this video essay on the Cohen Brothers’ use of the shot reverse shot from the Every Frame a Painting series. Prepare to never look at a scene the same way again. Shot reverse shot is when each character gets their own shot, back and forth… Read more »

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Johnny Cash’s (25 to) Life Experience

This morning I saw an opening for a blogging position at a high-end bike manufacturer. It’s the same job they were advertising nine months ago, so they must not have found anyone. The ad says they’re looking for a writer who’s a bicycle expert. I haven’t decided if I’m going to pitch them yet, but… Read more »

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Anne Frank didn’t Feed the Trolls

Karl Silberbauer is the S.S officer who arrested Anne Frank’s family. After the war, Silberbauer read the Diary. He said he bought the book to see if he was in it. He wasn’t. If you wait for the Karl Silberbauer’s of this world to gain perspective, you’re in for a long wait. Anne Frank had… Read more »

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REVIEW: Terminate Flies with the Bug-a-Salt

I was in Alabama hanging out with some locals, where else but on a porch. The breeze stopped blowing and a cloud of flies descended on us. Wayne, the old man whose porch we were sitting on turned to his friend: ‘Get the gun,’ he said, with a dribble of dip-spit into a Styrofoam cup… Read more »

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I Read 66 Books in 2015, Here are my Favorites

“We love to buy books because we think we are buying the time to read them.” —Arthur Schopenhauer This is the year I finally got on Goodreads (you can add me here.) One year on, my reading has never been so good. Keeping track of what I read has me reading more, holding myself to… Read more »

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Christmas Gifts for Writers

Writers are hard to shop for. Our tools are simple but we can be hopelessly picky about them–I don’t know how many wide-ruled legal pads I’ve re-gifted–we already have all the books, and the things we really want you might not be comfortable buying (cigarettes, absinth, laudnum.) Money is best, but let’s face it, we… Read more »

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Christmas Peace Walk Unites Students in Northern Ireland

Last Friday, December 11th, over 400 schoolchildren walked across Belfast, Northern Ireland to express their common Christmas wish: peace. The students came from seven different schools, for a gathering that wouldn’t have been possible a few Christmases ago. Their parents and grandparents were once sworn enemies. Continue reading at KindaKind .

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Treating Depression on the Cheap

Depression is expensive. You eat junk food and order delivery because cooking and cleaning up sounds like slow torture. Your productivity falls off or you lose your job entirely. You miss obligations–everything feels like an obligation. You’re haunted by your elusive potential and the feeling that you’re letting everyone down. Getting better isn’t cheap either…. Read more »