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Gear Review: UDT Fins

UDT stands for Underwater Demolition Team. These are the fins used by the frogmen of the 50s and 60s who preceded the Navy SEALS. UDT fins were state of the art in their day, and although the Navy has since upgraded their technology, the original UTDs remain a coveted piece of kit for bodysurfers and… Read more »

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What I Learned Writing a Novel in 30 Days

Today was the 472nd day of my attempt to write a novel in 30 days. Last Thursday I decided to do a page one rewrite. I opened the file, clicked ‘select all,’ waited for the whole thing to highlight, and struck the ‘delete’ key. Then I picked up the first printed page and got to… Read more »

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Cormac McCarthy: a Reading List

Cormac McCarthy is a mentor I’ve never met. We all have one of those, a teacher who sends us on a quest to seek our teacher’s teacher’s teacher. Here is an ever-growing reading list of my informal study of McCarthy and his influences. I’ll be updating the list on Goodreads.   FICTION The Novels of… Read more »

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L’Oreal Beautifies Marketing Training

The world’s largest manufacturer of cosmetics is getting a training makeover. A new platform at L’Oréal has positioned the company as a training trendsetter by putting sophisticated learning tools in the hands of their marketing team.   The GMAT for Marketers Essentials of Digital Marketing–developed in collaboration with the learning specialists General Assembly–is an assessment… Read more »

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Training Lessons from TED Talks

The brilliant people at TED are talking about Training. Here are five TED talks, on topics ranging from post-industrial economics to dancing tango, with valuable eLearning takeaways. Continue Reading at ThinkingKap Learning Solutions 

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Alternatives to Outrage

Silence. Witt. Write an articulate response. (Not in the comment feed.) Get on with your day. Behave differently than the source of outrage. Take a deep breath. Know that life is short. Have faith in some sort of karma. Reach out to the source of outrage. Ask a tough question. Suggest to ‘take this outside.’… Read more »

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The Blue Sky Period

Your story can be about anything, that is until you start writing it. Once you put words on the page, you start to impose limits. With each word, you are drawing the lines of a box which will eventually contain all you have to say. Or, as Beckett put it, ‘Every word is like an… Read more »

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Cringe-Worthy Training in TV and Movies

Awkwardness and teaching don’t mix, except on screen. When we’re not the ones who have to sit through a cringe-worthy training seminar, when the dull professor is a work of fiction, bad teaching makes for great entertainment. Seeing training done wrong in TV and movies is a great place to learn what not to do… Read more »

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No Comment

I recently disabled the comment feed.  I have my reasons, take your pick: Online discussions are high octane procrastination fuel. The mark of a successful comment feed is frequent engagement and that takes time. On a good day, I’ve said everything I need to say on the page/ screen. But I don’t want to ignore well-meaning commenters…. Read more »

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Writing Prompt: Cliché Remixed

Take a tired phrase you’re sick of reading–something lazy we’ve all read before–and rewrite it your way. Some examples: ‘The heat was stifling.’ ‘You almost gave me a heart attack.’ ‘She riffled through her purse.’ Write the sort of thing you want to read. Boredom with what’s already out there is a sign that it… Read more »