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Boston Globe: Monomoy, Cape Cod’s desert island

Monomoy Island has been many things over the years: An island, a peninsula, an island again (as storms build and then destroy sand bridges with the mainland), a remote fishing village, a crime scene, a navigation hazard, and a wildlife sanctuary. Just south of Chatham, at the elbow of Cape Cod, Monomoy is an 8-mile… Read more »

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Boston Globe: Las Fallas — the fiesta that sounds like a war zone

VALENCIA, Spain — “You simply won’t walk three seconds without hearing an explosion.” It’s half past midnight, I’m watching a man in a neckerchief up on a ladder wrapping a string of explosives around a flammable statue like Christmas lights. Another man  —  also wearing a neckerchief  —  at the base of the statue, is… Read more »

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7 Reasons to Bring a Tarp — DD Hammocks

My girlfriend and I balance each other out perfectly in the outdoors. She’s a climber and I’m a waterman. She knows how much food to pack, down to the calorie, and I (almost) never get us lost. She has all this camera gear, and I never get cold so there’s always room in my pack… Read more »

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Writing All Night in Dublin Airport

Note: the following was written, edited, and published in the middle of an all-nighter. All typos and style fails are strictly rhetorical. (Dec, 2016) I’m writing this in Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport at four in the morning. I’ve decided to turn an overnight layover into an espresso-fueled writing spree. Here’s what I got up… Read more »

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Saeah Lee’s Siesta Doors

Every day, between the hours of 2:00PM and around 5:00 or 6:00PM, the city of Valencia, Spain shuts down for a siesta. Shops and restaurants all over the city close for business and lower steel shutters over their front doors. Many of these shutters are brightly decorated: with graffiti, murals advertising the business inside, and… Read more »

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Pen Review: Kaweco Classic Sport

  This week, I drafted my first short story in 2 years (more on that soon.) I wrote it with a new fountain pen, which I bought to mark the occasion: the Kaweco Classic Sport . (Pronounced ka-vay-co.) I had moved away from short stories in favor of more profitable but less fulfilling work, and I… Read more »

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Gear Review: Gerber Air Ranger G10

There’s a saying among survival experts, you’re only as good as your knife. With the Gerber Air Ranger G10 in my pocket, I’m great. This is my everyday carry knife, it’s my backup when I go hiking or kayaking, and it recently exhibited clutchness in an AirBnB kitchen full of dull blades.   Value Gerber over-delivered with… Read more »

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Gear Review: Camelbak Quantico

Robert Young Pelton is a different kind of backpacker. His travels have taken him to rebel-held territory in South Sudan, up the Amazon on a gunboat with Colombian special forces, and into the hills of Afghanistan to interview Osama Bin Laden. Pelton has strong opinions on gear. When it comes to backpacks, he advises against… Read more »

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Irish Farmhouse – a Sketch

The farmhouse two miles out the Beach  road near Bantry belonged to a man named Jackie. The House was built tight against the road, or maybe before the road, and faces the North Atlantic with two fields between the house and a stone beach. Winter gales from the north and west produce waves powerful enough… Read more »

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Hemingway Collection at the JFK Library

Ernest Hemingway didn’t travel light. His baggage included a modern art collection, books, drinking accessories, an impressive gun collection, and the heads and pelts of his hunting kills. Always on the move, he schlepped it all through three wars, four marriages, two plane crashes, and many homes. His writing style itself left a tremendous paper-trail… Read more »