It’s a special feeling to see yourself doing the thing that makes you the happiest. I had never seen myself swim until Saeah Lee  came along to test out a new 400mm lens on a chilly dip in the North Atlantic this November. The swim was a short one, just under 1k (against the current,) to acclimate for longer swims in colder water.
Saeah was also acting as team medic and lifeguard for the swim. She met me at the dock/ finish line and asked me a series of simple questions to check for mental confusion, one of the first signs of hypothermia:
What’s your mobile phone number?
What’s 8 x 4?
What’s your girlfriend’s name?
I have a feeling she’d have pushed me back in if I’d have gotten that one wrong.


winter--swimming--cape--cod--Massachusetts--open--water--speedoWinter--Swimming--Cape--Cod--Massachusetts--open--water Chatham, MA, USA winter--swimming--cape--cod--Massachusetts--open--water--speedo winter--swimming--cape--cod--Massachusetts--open--water--speedo

Written by Charlie